Thanks anon – opinions seem to vary, 5-6 days is the average, but for many women their dates are all over the place every month. It’s common for ovulation to move by up to 7 days back or forth. So the point emphasised lower in the post is the key one. If you think just trying to miss the fertile days is how you’ll avoid getting pregnant the statistics show there’s a 1 in 4 chance you’ve gonna be a baby momma within a year. SO DON’T DO THAT.

As we’re coming back to the topic I just want to emphasise how much fun you can have without actually having sex. Because ultimately folks, the only 100% way you can be sure not to get pregnant is not have an erect penis near the vagina area.

Jesus ain’t your sperm goalie…

I speak from experience. My wife and I were both virgins when we hooked up, and for a mixture of reasons, the desire not to get pregnant, our church backgrounds (she’s a pastor’s kid), and on the positive side, the desire to take things slow and have fun the whole way, we decided not to have sex before our wedding night. And it was awesome! (and took god-tier self control)

We spent a couple of years learning all the amazing ways we could pleasure each other, without me sticking my dick in her pussy. Or her ass actually, (Although as fucked up as it is this whole ‘I’m a good Christian girl so I only do anal to stay chaste’ thing is, it still tickles me.)

I look back and the roots of my denial kink are all there, teasing her, edging her brains out, and also my zen master oral skills abilities too. But actually it wasn’t always that full on. We also spent months just kissing and touching and talking (I know right…), because we weren’t in a rush to get to ‘wham bam thank you maam’. We slept together, we showered and bathed together, but we just didn’t fuck, and it was great.

Now I’m not preaching abstinence. You’ve read this blog right? What I am saying is that it would be WAY better to do other hot, sexy stuff with each other than have unprotected sex, with all the stress and anxiety both the risk of pregnancy and STIs can bring.

So listen to Halfadollar people:


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