Hi Sophia,

Okay, don’t worry too much. Firstly, it might just be denial isn’t for you, and that’s okay, but it’s a worst case scenario (oh dear, you ‘have to cum’, poor you 😛 ).

More likely it may be just your hormones at this time of the month aren’t making the magic happen, or just your head isn’t in the right place. Try again, don’t give up, and just have some fun exploring.

Have a few orgasms, then try again. What works for everyone can vary a lot. It may be that you’re going too close to the edge and confusing your body (yep that happens) so try a little softer edges that just make you feel hot and horny and leave it there. Or alternatively, try some ruined orgasms (you’ll feel awful for 15 minutes but after that it can get crazy horny again). Or try more edges in a day, or just one. Have some fun experimenting and finding what works for you.

Feel free to message me if you are still at a loss and I’ll see what else I can think of.

I hope that helps,


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