Well done! Nice to see you can actually follow instructions, good girl. And the best orgasm of your life, clearly you like it on all fours being used, who’d have guessed (I did!).

So you want to become a good cum swallowing wife do you? Excellent, it’s a lofty ambition.

To help you we are going to make it all a bit more controlled. Keep going with your five edges a day. You are to study good handjob and blowjob techniques (lots of videos on tumblr and porn sites) and explore different ones on your husband. You are to offer him a blow job every evening. He’s free to fuck you too of course, but you need to finish as follows.

You are allowed to edge while you play with him, but there is one difference. You are to have a glass or shot glass available, and you are to make him cum into that, instead of your mouth.

Then, while he watches, and encourages you (tell him what kind of encouragement you want – it might be nice things like ‘Good girl, I love watching you masturbate, you’re so sexy, it’s so hot to have you drink my cum’ – or… you might like it more degrading ‘I can’t believe my wife is such a hot slut, this is what you’re for, sucking my cock and drinking my cum, I’m going to keep you wet and desperate forever’ kind of thing).

Okay, so yes encouragement of whatever type you like, and then as you reach the edge, you are to tip the semen from the glass into your mouth, keep it there for ten seconds, and then orgasm as you swallow it.

If you can’t swallow it, just spit it back into the glass, that’s fine. But you don’t get to cum. 

It might take a few days but soon you’ll be drinking it without a problem. You won’t be cumming until you do, it’s that simple.

Once you’ve swallowed three glass fulls you’re to try it straight from his cock.

And here’s a sexy thought I hope will help, when you swallow his cum, it becomes part of you – you digest it and get life and energy from his seed, part of you will literally be made of him. I find a lot of women love that idea.

On top of his evening blow jobs you are to wake him each morning by sucking and rubbing his cock. Get him hard and tease him, but he’s not to cum, it’s to get him horny and looking forward to later, so his balls are nice and full for you that evening.

I also want you to buy some sex toy basics if you are able to, a Christmas present from him to you. Visit a site like Lovehoney and browse it together and choose a dildo, a bullet vibrator and a butt plug (blow jobs are just the start…). You can see my toy recommendations page for specific ideas. If you enjoy buying the toys then you could also add a cock ring for him and some ‘jiggle balls’ for you.

If you can’t buy toys then check out my DIY Sex Toy posts.

We all really appreciate your regular updates, do let us know how you get on!


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