Oh no, just one gloopy swallow away from that climax you crave so badly, what a shame you couldn’t quite complete your task.

You need to increase your number of edges to five a day, and three of those need to be done while watching cumshot compilations of women who know how to swallow a load. Just go to a porn site like pornhub.com or xvideos.com and search for cumshot compilation or cumpilation and also oral creampies.

You are to make sure you are wet and ready for your husband, and beg him to fuck you when he gets home. Just to show you mean it you’re to be waiting for him in a dress without any panties. Ask him to take you from behind, on all fours or bent over the bed. That way you can rub your clit while he fucks you.

If you manage to cum just as he does then you are allowed to orgasm, if you cum before him you are to ruin it by stopping rubbing as your orgasm starts. Once he starts to cum you have ten seconds to climax yourself. If you haven’t cum by the time he pulls out, you are to stop.

That was your chance.

Let’s hope you make more of it this time. Let us know how it happens.

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