Honestly that’s really fucking hot, but unlike your vagina which is literally designed to take a pounding, your poor little clit is a sensitive little soul. So do be a little careful you don’t over do it. Definitely if you’ve done it for a few days as you describe, force yourself onto ‘no touch’ for day perhaps, which could be just as much of a mind fuck, so that it has time to recover.

For a quick route to the pain side of things, you could try some ‘snaps’ Getting a rubber band, stretching it between your finger and thumb on one hand then pulling it back and letting it hit your clit with the other. Though that’ll hurt more, it’s a sharp, and instant pain, and probably less damaging than just rubbing or grinding away on it for hours.

Remember with all this stuff though, we want it to be a positive force for you. Edging is really addictive, especially at first. As we see in lots of the JuNO journals. However, after a while you do get used to it and it becomes far more manageable (it really does, I promise). 

But, as with anything, if it’s having a negative impact on your life, work, relationships, take a break, have a ruin or an orgasm, clear your head, get a bit of perspective and then if you’re feeling good about it, get back into it in a more measured way

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