Wait, wait. So your best friend just cockblocked you from your boyfriend?

Hmm. I’m not sure them ‘making fun’ of this is so innocent. You don’t give me a lot of info to go on but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was jealous, or just sick of you yapping on about how much you fuck him.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop. Look if you have a great sex life with your BF, going from twice a day (which is awesome btw) to nothing for a month could seriously fuck things up. He’s going to think something has gone wrong and be confused and/or pissed off.

If you want a task like that either get him involved in denying you, or even do it secretly, do things with him that don’t make you cum, oral, anal, pretending to cum from fucking before you have, making it focused on him. That will drive you crazy too.

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