That’s definitely unusual, you shouldn’t need to rub that hard to make yourself so sore. Have a look at lots of masturbation gifs on Tumblr and try a few different techniques you see, but here’s some other ideas:

  • try it in the bath or shower, letting the water lubricate things a bit
  • try actual lube on your fingers and on your clit hood/labia
  • use a vibe – this is likely to help loads – see my toy recommendations for the kind of thing you want
  • mix it up with penetration – fingers or a dildo, learn what feels good inside
  • masturbate your asshole – yep, seriously – it’s nearly as sensitive as your clit – try it in the shower, it feels so naughty too. Maybe you should HAVE to do it to your ass if your clit is too sore, that’s a good rule…
  • if none of the above help ask a trusted doctor for advice, really, they’d much rather answer that question than most of the crap they put up with

Let us know how you get on


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