Here’s some ideas

  • Apply your juices as perfume to your neck and wrists before you leave the bathroom
  • Coat your tits in your pussy juice
  • Grind your dripping cunt along the top edge of the bath tub
  • Do your edge completely naked, on your knees in front of the toilet, grinding your messy tits over the cold ceramic of the toilet bowl
  • Edge naked, with the toilet seat down, only by grinding your bare cunt on the seat – lick it clean afterwards
  • Write your name ‘is a slut’ on the wall or door in your pussy juice, then lick it off as you edge
  • Stuff your pussy and asshole with toilet paper before leaving
  • Drink lots of water until you’re desperate to pee, but then edge instead
  • Take an empty glass with some ice in it, pee in the glass, then edge, take the pee drink and sip it while you chat to other people

That’s ten ideas, so ten ruins as payment.

Good girl.

You can’t cum until you’ve done all the above.

Merry Christmas!

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