Hiya Scarlet, good to hear from you again.

Using edging and orgasms as motivation to get fit is a brilliant way to really see the self control it can produce.

I think going from 12 weeks to just one day is a bit drastic though honey. I definitely agree, carving it into smaller chunks is a good idea but how about this.

You edge in the morning as usual, but aren’t allowed to touch until you’ve done your tasks for the day.

If you manage to do your tasks 6 out of 7 days (or however it works) then you are allowed to cum as much as you want on your ‘rest day’.

If you hit a lower target, you get a ruin, just one. If you don’t achieve that, you are on no touch.

It’s all a bit of trial and error so see what works for you but that’s a good starting point in my experience. Building up to a more distant future reward is better at developing self control, and the daily edges are a reinforcement of that.

Give that a go, let me know how it goes and we can adapt from there!

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