Good question!

Your first option is to try a nice hard, fucking yourself and pulling away at the last minute ruined orgasm. That’ll often fix it in the same way a full orgasm would.

If you don’t even want to ruin then there’s a couple of other options.

Some hard physical exercise can do a similar thing, flush through your system and make you feel better. A good hard fucking could do the same if that’s an option, as long as you’re very active in it.

Alternatively a day or two of ‘no touch’ MIGHT set you straight. But that’s less likely to succeed in my experience.

Remember some of this might be your edging paired with where you are in your menstrual cycle, so just be aware of that and watch for it next time. If that’s the case the above might still work but it’s worth being aware of.

Lastly, it might just be a that a few weeks is your sweetspot for denial. That’s okay! I know longer seems hotter but it may just be your body telling you it’s time to cum and get it done, don’t feel guilty about it, enjoy it, and then get back into denial feeling all fresh and excited rather than tired and grumpy.

Again, this can vary. I know some women who’ve done months with barely a wobble, but when trying it again later went crazy after a week or two. 

Listen to your body, try some of the options, find out what works for you and if you come to the realisation that an orgasm is what you need, never feel bad about it! You can always ruin it if you want to show true dedication…

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