I actually think there is! Denial has a few strong psychological effects. The first is to make you horny, obviously, but this then leads to you being more open to try new things, to explore, and to get your kink on. These all matter because that internal process of stepping out and being bolder sexually can also increase your confidence in general.

More than that, edging, and some edging tasks in particular, such as being naked more, masturbating more, watching yourself edge, and exploring your sexuality can bring about a positivity about your body and sexiness that others pick up.

I also think there is another hidden benefit. I regularly get told that once a girl starts edging, she starts noticing guys coming on to her more. Now it could be observer effect, that she’s more tuned in and alert sexually so picks up when others are too. Or perhaps it’s that her constantly wet pussy is pumping out arousal pheromones, literally like a bitch in heat.


There is some evidence for this. Women (and men) produce pheromones, and those are known to stimulate a sexual response in the opposite sex. For example this paper. However more specifically a woman’s vaginal secretions contain one of the most powerful substance known as copulin (it’s kind of a pheromone just not exactly), and my theory (please, someone fund me to research this, best job ever) is that you edging and being so wet and turned on all the time, is pumping those pheromones out into your surroundings, and as guys unconsciously pick up on them they get very interested. (One report I read claimed copulins were so powerful men could become addicted!).


I have seen this happen. One girl I was denying, she lived in a house with four guys. From about a week into her denial she was telling me how they were getting hard ons around her, that guys who previously were quite brotherly towards her were chatting her up and hitting on her. She absolutely loved it.

So part of it may be physical, but more than that I think it’s the confidence it brings you, being so much aware and enjoying your sexuality, losing the timidity that comes as you know your body better, and also really seriously wanting to fuck someone!

Being sexy is a combination of things. By far the most important thing is your attitude, and that’s where denial can help the most. If you FEEL sexy and horny then your attitude will often follow. But it is more than that, being sexy is stuff as basic as dressing well, making an effort to look attractive and coming out of your shell. I’m not saying you have to conform to some stereotype, you need to be you, but put in some effort being a sexy you. Get advice from girlfriends who know how to do this stuff, and just give it a go, it’s fun! 

Having said all that though, edging is not some magic formula for getting a boyfriend, especially a good boyfriend. You can’t just rub your pussy ten times a day like some magic lamp and get your wishes fulfilled.


Be careful what you wish for…

You want a boyfriend, you have to go find one! No matter how wet your panties they aren’t going to be knocking on your door.

So, get out there, join some classes, clubs, figure out where the kind of guy you like hangs out, and find a reason to be there. Protip, you want good, more than averagely mature guys who aren’t assholes, check your local church groups and volunteer organisations – goldmine.

Just start talking to some of them, even if it goes horribly at first it’s all good practise. Find areas of common interest work on the FRIEND part of boyfriend first! You can upgrade to the BOYFRIEND bit after you got the friend bit nailed.

And start just practising – don’t be afraid of being turned down, it’s all good experience. The law of averages says it’s not the first person you ask who’ll be the right one! Learn to flirt, offer them a date only an idiot would not want to go on, and just don’t take anything too seriously. This one may just not be that into you, and that is okay! You want and deserve someone who is into you too, so if they aren’t they are the wrong one.


Oh and edge your fucking cunt off. Maybe it’ll be his fingers sliding in your wet pussy before too long. Just teach him early on, you shouldn’t be allowed to cum.

Good girl,and good luck.

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