Thank you for this, it’s an excellent point. 

And it’s harder than you think, as Tumblr is absolutely saturated with pictures of skinny white chicks. And it’s not just Tumblr, it’s porn in general. I was skimming through the catalog of a major ‘arty’ porn site and of perhaps 200 photosets, two of the models were black and one was middle eastern.

But thank you for picking me up on it, I’m so glad you did. I’ll try and hunt down some more blogs that will diversify my dashboard (as most of the stuff I write is just from seeing a picture there and getting inspired).

If anyone can suggest good blogs for me to follow in this regards, I’d be very grateful.

And as always, if you like a picture and think it might suit one of my captions, submit it! 

The easiest way to do that is to use the share link at the bottom of every post on tumblr – you can then send it to female-orgasm-denial and it messages it to mee – yes it’ll use your tumblr name for the message but only I’ll see that, and I don’t share anything without asking.

(Do not send me freaky pizza or you’ll meet Mr Banhammer.)

Don’t forget to share good blogs that I should be following in the notes.

Thanks peeps,


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