Okay, firstly, welcome to being normal. The MAJORITY of women don’t cum from vaginal sex. The fact you’ve had two puts you above average. 

In an analysis of 33 different studies, it was consistently shown that only 25% of women regularly come from vaginal intercourse. And many never have.

This is why guys who think good lovin’ involves just pounding away at you till you get so bored you fake an orgasm are on a losing streak. Fingers and mouths people, fingers and mouths.

I hope, that with that pressure taken off you, you might be able to reevaluate how being fucked feels, because for many it doesn’t make them orgasm, but it feels great to be filled and fucked.

But hell yes, if you’re reading this blog and getting turned on by it, why not have a go at edging. For those who feel they have a low libido it’s often an amazing tool at getting you enjoying feeling horny and energised about sex. Just give it a go, it’s as simple as… stopping before you cum! I know, tricky stuff (you’d be surprised). Give that a go a few times a day and see if you like it. There’s lots of tasks and idea on this blog to try out if you do.

Just the other week a sub was staying with a denied friend of mine, literally like sub-sitting for the dom (I should start a business, a sub kennel…). At my suggestion she was introduced to denial the whole weekend, and I hear back it’s had an amazing effect on her sex drive and desire to push deeper into her submission. I’m not sure she’s been allowed to cum since…

Anyway, now I’ve stated the stats, here’s what I think though. I reckon a lot more women can cum from g-spot (vaginal) stimulation than currently do, it’s simply you’ve never learnt to.

I am not saying everyone, but if I were to guess from my own experience teaching a LOT of women how to find their g-spot, usually about two thirds cum from it once they figure out what’s going on. And maybe half those end up learning to squirt as part of it too.

The main issue that stops a lot of women is for most, the start of vaginal pleasure makes you feel like you’re going to pee. So you think, ‘eww peeing, don’t want to do that’ and stop. Rookie error.

That peeing feeling is your g-spot being stimulated and is the build up of fluid for a possible squirting orgasm, or sometimes an orgasm that doesn’t squirt, but it’s the same spot that feels that way anyway. Keep going with that and it feels better and better until, boom. You cum. But it’s totally okay if you can’t. Just cumming from clitoral stimulation IS THE NORM.

Here’s my simple instructions

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