Hey anon, no, nothing wrong at all. It’s very variable between women, and even for the same woman it can vary massively according to age and just your monthly cycle.

I also think you can read a blog like this or most porn and get a vastly over inflated idea of how wet other women get. Sure, there are exceptions where a woman will get so aroused she’ll actually drip pussy juice, but it’s REALLY rare. What most mean when they say they are dripping is just that their pussy lips are wet and it might leave a bit of a mark on their panties. Seriously, that’s it. It’s just very hot to describe it as dripping, so we do. 

Can panties get genuinely saturated with girl goo, or it get so messy it drips down your legs. Sure, very occasionally, for a few women. But it’s hugely variable and you aren’t to worry about it at all if you’re not one of them. In fact some women have just the opposite issue, they wish they didn’t get so wet. So there you go.

Thankfully, if you are just naturally dry, we live in a wonderful age of personal lubricants. Have a look at Lovehoney’s huge range, they’ve a lube specific offer of 25% off if you buy two of their lubes. Good timing!

Lovehoney Personal Lubricants

Don’t forget to use the discount codes I found (actually I’ll repost them for ease of use, although you’ll need to buy a LOT of lube for them to work in some cases 😛

Lovehoney offer codes page

Lovehoney US – $10 off if you spend $50, use code  AFFUS1050

Lovehoney UK – 10% off if you spend over £10 –  NEWUK1010

Lovehoney Canada – 15% off if you spend $50 –  AFFCA5050

Lovehoney Europe – 5euros off –  FLEXEU

Lovehoney New Zealand – $5 off – FLEXNZ

Lovehoney Australia – 15% off when you spend $50 –  AFFAUTOY

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