Thanks anon! Lovely to hear that.

If you’re new to denial that’s a bloody long time to be aiming for as a first go. So if that’s the case you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment. I’d suggest you try building up in stages. Try a day, then three, then five. See what you learn from that, and then go for lasting through to the 6th, it’d still be an 8 day stretch before your birthday.

Also, surprises are cute, but it’s SO much hotter if you tell him, especially for those last 8 days. It builds anticipation for you both. He gets a week to tease you about it, turn you on, and enforce it! That’s a MUCH hotter option than just announcing ‘hey I haven’t cum in a week’ in my opinion.

Dig out some of the posts from my favourites tag to help him understand if you need to:

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