Hi Elise! Welcome to the wonderful world of denial.

A nice simple starter, you’re just going to try denial for a day. I want you to secretly rub yourself when you wake just to get yourself horny and excited about the day. Once you’re really into it, stop. And if he’s there, switch to hubby and play with his cock and get him all hard and enjoy that. Try to avoid making him cum though, we’re going to save that for later, but not a disaster if he does.

Then once or twice during the day sneak to the bathroom and give yourself another rub, don’t push yourself too close, better safe than sorry until you master edging. But I also want you telling/texting hubby a few little things telling him how horny you are today and that you keep thinking about him.

Then tonight you’re to go and have a nice bath and edge your brains out, as long and hard as you can manage without going over. Then stop, change into something hot for hubby, and go and give him the longest, sexiest blow job he’s ever had.

And this is where it gets hard… make him cum. Right in your mouth or on your breasts or wherever you think will be hot. Right when you long for him in your aching pussy, satisfy him instead. Now fingers crossed, he’ll reciprocate. He’ll maybe be able to fuck you, or reach down and rub you, and that’s wonderful and if HE does it, you can cum.

But if he doesn’t – and no, you’re not allowed to ask in any way – then you’re going to stay like that, wet, horny, denied – your baptism into being a denial slut undertaken. You are not allowed to touch, you’re to spend all night wet and aching and horny, and then tomorrow. Tomorrow you can cum as much as you want – but you may find you don’t want to, you prefer it this way. If not, you soon will, I promise.

Let us know how it goes and feel free to message me in confidence if any of that isn’t quite a fit for you.

Have fun!

James x

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