Well congratulations, how exciting! I hope my earlier answer is some useful inspiration for the special event. (Don’t forget the lube!)

Your pubes sound great just as they are. Trimmed and neat, especially making sure they’re short or gone around your labia so he can go down on you like a pro (seriously, stray pubes kill good cunnilingus technique!).

Well trimmed, neat pubes are what I think most women should aspire to. It’s beautiful, natural, and pretty easy. Same goes for guys too btw. 

There’s been a big move towards completely bare in the last ten years. And while that looks adorable too IMO I tend to recommend it only for special situations. Specifically for use in a submissive context, so for example, Diva and Snowflake are both kept bare. Why? Because it’s hot. Because it’s another secret, sexy discipline that they have to keep to for one chief reason, because they are being told to. And every time they touch themselves it’s a reminder that their pussy is under my control.

On the whole though, there’s good reasons to keep your pubes. You’re less prone to get ingrown hairs, it helps control moisture and temperature, and even reduces friction for when you actually get down to it with someone else!

So yep, keep ‘em, love ‘em, and save shaving them for a really hot surprise further down the line. And in the meantime, you have lots of design options to explore:

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