Hi Kate, thanks for the nice message. I tend to be less keen to get involved when there’s a dom already on the scene but you asked so nicely, so here you go.

You’re to edge a minimum of four times a day (except the no touch day).

Twice a week you must also do the Wheel of Denial, and if you go over by accident at all you’re to use the Wheel of Punishment to decide what you have to do.

One day a week you are to wear no panties, another day you are to wear a crotch rope and be on no touch the entire day, and one night a week you are to sleep with your pussy stuffed with a dildo or panties.

That’s about all I can give you with the information you’ve given me but happy to refine it if you message me. But see how you get on with that for now.

Good girl, have fun.

Oh and no cumming. You’re to send us weekly reports on your performance and I’ll decide if you’re allowed to cum, ruin or be punished accordingly.

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