Hi Miranda! Well that does sound like fun, and well done on five days, that’s brilliant! 

Driving there obviously offers an opportunity, try a dildo or vibe in you if it’s not too distracting (safety is priority though). Assuming it’s warm enough, try going naked inside the cabin, if not warm it up until you can. (otherwise take and wear clothes that make you feel sexy). Edge in different places, different rooms, grind your pussy on different bits of furniture.

Then put on a coat and shoes, nothing else if you can get away with it, and head out, find somewhere quiet, secluded, beautiful and strip, lie on your back and spread your legs, gaze up through the trees and into the sky as you fuck yourself stupid, wipe your mess on the trees and rocks, leave your scent, claim it as yours, piss, if you wish, watch it flow across the dirt as you pleasure yourself, and again depending on temperature, walk back in just the shoes, coat over your arm (or just leave it hung somewhere safely), pausing to edge more as you wish.

If that goes well, take your toys next time, put on a show, imagine you’re being watched as you edge over and over. Get dirty, I mean really dirty, coat your skin in your juices and dirt, find some mud if you can, become a filthy little denial animal and then delight in washing it all off in a long hot shower as you edge again.

Then a final time out there. Build up to a final edge, get yourself right on the edge of climax, and then shout out to the forest, ask it for permission to cum. See what it answers.

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