I want to get to that constantly horny, drippy, can’t think of anything but cock, place but I just lack the self control. I would love to have a Sir or Daddy to be here and physically control me, but that’s not possible right now. Any advice beyond stopping sooner, not getting even close to the edge, or no touch? Thank you, Amanda

Hi Amanda,

Well those are the basics; stopping, soft edges and no touch. But I’ve built ruining the orgasm into the mix to give you another option. If you’re really struggling so much with this then have a look at the ruined orgasms tag on my blog so you know how to do it. But basically as soon as you go over you stop touching, keep your hands away.

So, just for you Amanda, I want you to ruin one of your edges today. Deliberately take yourself over and ruin it. If you can do that then it lets you worry a bit less about going over.

But one more thing, do the same again later in the day, but this time as you go over, SMACK your pussy really hard (do some practises beforehand so you feel confident about it) – hand cupped over your mound, lift it quickly about 15cm and smack your pussy.

Why? Because doing that as you go over the edge and it CAN stop your orgasm completely (doesn’t always work or work for everyone). So that’s given you another option to control yourself.

But once you’ve got to grips with those let me be clear, I want you edging, not ruining or even slapping. Part of the point of this is to learn self control, and that’s not magic, we learn it by exercising it. So edge for me like a good girl Amanda, leave yourself horny, aching and proud of your growing self control.

Good girl. Let us know how you get on.


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