Good question Mina, although, horny and frustrated, well that sounds good, but anyway… here’s an answer to your question:

And more info here:

Let me also add in lots of the notes to the above posts people recommend moon cups as an alternative to tampons. If you have a vagina that bleeds and don’t know about them, definitely check them out.

Also, periods aren’t disgusting. They’re amazing. I know it involves blood and some mess but try to redefine it in your head, you don’t want to be feeling that way about them. See it as a symbol of your femininity or fertility or something positive if you can – it’s natural, nothing to be ashamed of and just part of life. (Oh and thank you Jesus I’m a man, we have it so easy).


If men had periods there’d be books like this:


Finally it’s worth adding, sometimes edging can help with period cramps, sometimes it makes them worse. It absolutely seems to vary so try it out and see which is the case for you, because if it makes it better, woo hoo! Don’t want to be missing out on that my friend.

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