Hi James, I haven’t had a dirty, needy little orgasm in 98 days. I’ve had to cool down on the edging recently and so I’ve been on no touch. Can I cum on day 100, pretty please? (Although do I really want to? Hmm) I’m in the big tits category if that helps sway your mind. 


Well K, firstly 98 days is awesome, well done. And backing off onto no touch is perfect if you were really struggling.

I was really tempted to say yes at 100 days, but then you tried to bribe me with the big tits thing.

This isn’t going to end well…

While it’s entirely valid for someone to use their breast size to give themselves a twisted reason for denial, it doesn’t work on me. Silly girl!

So I’m afraid your cum is postponed, by your bra size in number of days. Oh and your no touch is cancelled. You have to edge each day according to your cup size, A=1, B=2 etc. So a 32DD would be 130 (98+32) days total, with four edges a day minimum (extra letters don’t count). I’m guessing yours will be longer.

Of course if you ruin, it all goes back to zero.

How are those big tits feeling now?

Good luck, and keep us updated!


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