Hello No Touch Anon, 

I’ve written just recently about this so search through and find that, (it’s probably on the no touch tag below too), but yes, it’s hardly brain science is it (although I suppose it IS!) that when we don’t stimulate sexual arousal for a while, arousal drops.

I think some guys have trouble understanding this because 1. We are mostly fucking horndogs whose balls are constantly pumping out testosterone to make us hornier and 2. our junk is just there and we play with it without even realising it

In my experience it’s very different for women, you need a good blend of mental, emotional and physical stimulation to get you in the best place sexually. (Guys do too but we have a MUCH higher baseline in most cases).

What you’re going through sounds more like deprivation than no-touch. And being ignored is never sexy. So time to jack that in, in my opinion, and get into edging and keep ‘no touch’ as a short term ‘funishment’ for when you’re already out of your mind crazy.

Get him reading this blog, or pick out and repost your favourites in another one for him to read, and edge HIM while he reads it. He’ll soon see the value I think.

I hope that helps, do hit me up in messages if you need more specific, confidential input.



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