Firstly, this is totally okay. It’s absolutely fine for what you’re into to change, and it’s great you’re doing something about it rather than just suffering in silence.

If he’s any kind of good boyfriend at all then he’ll be fine with this.

The reality is you’ve probably just overdone it, and that happens. Life, and sex, are so enhanced by introducing a variety of things, that if you just do one thing again and again, no matter how great it is, you’ll probably feel bored with it.

So I suggest you are honest with him, but just pose it as ‘Hey, you know what I think I need a bit of a break from denial, it’s got a bit routine. Is that okay?’

But don’t just do that, in life, whenever we present a problem, we should also be presenting a solution too. So think what else might be fun.What else turns you on that might work for you as a couple. Ideas might include:

  • submission – letting him set you little rules and tell you what to do, but sometimes that includes cumming
  • being his little cam whore – only allowed to cum on cam for him
  • exploring bimbofication – dressing up and being a good little slut
  • playing with toys, there’s ones he can control remotely
  • trying anal exploration – edging and cumming only when playing with your ass, with the ambition he’s going to fuck it when you’re next together
  • etc, etc, etc

What I tend to find, when someone gets a bit tired of denial, that you’ll take a little break and in a few weeks, crave it again anyway. So all you’re doing is adding even more fun things into the relationship while you have a little pause. It’ll all work out well, I’m sure.

I hope that helps,


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