Great question!

A tampon is really your best friend for edging during your period, especially the first few days. I know there are reasons some of you don’t want to use them but I do encourage you to read this excellent gif loaded article on why you might want to reconsider:

If you’ve never tried them, then let me really, really strongly encourage you to try. Give them a few days to get used to, educate yourself on them first, but do give it a go. Whenever I’ve had a sub who was using pads and got them to do this they ultimately have ALL said ‘why the hell didn’t I do this before now?’.

If you don’t like them, then that’s fine, but at least you’re making an educated choice. Plus if it helps you’re free to try it and think about the fact you’re walking around in public with your pussy stuffed on a dom’s orders… you’re welcome!

Besides that, well another plan is to do it in the shower, or bath. Yep, bath is good too, especially after the first couple of heavy days are over. It’s only blood, people. If I’d eat you out during the latter days of your period (and I would) then you really can’t make too much of the fact there’s a bit of blood in a tub full of water.

Another fun ploy for those with a bit of a twisted imagination (I love doing this) is to make yourself ‘anal only’ during your period. You’re only allowed to play with your nipples and asshole the whole time you’re bleeding. 

It’s fucked up and totally unfair, and therefore going to be as hot as hell for some of you.

Finally as a very simple option, especially after the first couple of days, just learn to stop caring about it and have a towel and some wipes to hand. Your menstrual blood is not some awful defilement, but part of you, and a sign of your femininity and womanliness (is that even a word?). Lie on a dark coloured towel to do it, have some baby wipes to clean up (there’s really very little blood most of the time) and just have fun. 

While it seems to vary hugely, some do report that edging really helps with cramps during your period (others say it makes it worse) so try that out and see!

I’d love to see if any of you who actually have a vagina and so are much more qualified than me to answer, have any more tips, please add them as notes or send them in.

Thank you to those who reminded me (I always forget this) – there menstrual cups often known as  ‘moon cups’ or ‘blossom cups’ which are a very clever alternative to tampons.

I even found a review site: but I’d look on Amazon for reviews too myself if, you know, I actually had periods (I swear us guys get it so fucking easy – about the best thing David Cameron actually did was FINALLY agree to stop tampons being taxed as ‘luxury items’ last year. It is still yet to be implemented though, I mean, are you shitting me?).

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