Hi James!! I discovered edging off of your blog a few months ago and it drives me crazy BUT I legit have no self control. I usually edge for about 30 minutes to an hour and then I just can’t stop myself from cumming. Of course once it happens it’s never as good as I expected but I was wondering if you had any tips on having more self control? I love the idea of constantly being on edge and not cumming but I always end up finishing :( help a girl out?

Set a timer, do it for just 20 minutes, and stop, stop as soon as it goes off. 

Then, no closer than two hours from then, do it again. 

Try that a few times, until you’ve managed three 20 minute edges in a row, and I hope you’ll start to feel the ‘denial high’ the benefits of not cumming, that you feel good, ALL the time, not just when masturbating.

Because really, learning that, discovering that as good as an orgasm feels, it’s just a few seconds of pleasure, compared to feeling good all the time, is what really helps you stop.

Cumming is good, not cumming is even better.

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