hi James, i denied my boyfriend from coming this past sunday knowing full well i wasn’t going to see him until thanksgiving. since then we’ve decided (him not knowing about denial/edging/etc.) that neither of us is going to come until the wednesday before thanksgiving (the next time we’ll see each other) and having never denied myself, let alone someone else for this long is exciting to me. i’m also god awful at edging so chances are i will be avoiding touching myself all together…. ~elise

Hi Elise,

That’s awesome, dual denial is so much fun! If he hasn’t done it before, he’ll find it even harder, and probably fail, so just talk about being honest if that happens. We don’t want it causing any kind of barrier between you. If he keeps failing of course, a cock cage is the perfect solution 😉

The job now is to tease the living fuck out of each other – I highly recommend setting up a shared Tumblr that you can both post stuff to that’ll turn you both on. Add to that some sexting, phone/video sex and you’re both going to be going crazy. Fun huh!

Also, if you’re both loving it, maybe try agreeing you won’t cum when you first get back together, agree a time frame where you hold back, it’s so intense and good if you can resist the temptation for just a little longer and enjoying being together with all the built up arousal and anticipation.

So, have fun with it, keep communicating, and let us know how you get on!


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