Hi Cat (have I mentioned how much it helps when anons sign with a name I can use? Thank you).

So, oh dear, denial is making you horny? This is serious, we must do something about it 😉

Today you’re on ‘no touch’. The meaning of this can vary from no clit or no pussy contact to ‘strict no touch’ where you aren’t allowed any stimulation anywhere. But for you today this means no touching your clit, at all. But you still have to edge, oh yes, I want you naked, watching porn, rubbing your nipples and sliding your fingers in and out of your wet little pussy. You think you’re horny now, you just wait.

End the day with a long bath or shower and include playing with your asshole as well as your pussy, but still no clit touching at all. Then go to bed, naked tonight, and the one thing you can do is grind on the mattress or pillow to stimulate your clit a bit, but that’s it, nothing else, and not too close. We don’t want you cumming, do we…

If you fancy it write up a little report of how that all worked for you and we’ll see what I recommend you try tomorrow.

But let me add, you’re doing amazingly. If you’re new to this then a couple of days is a great start and you should be very proud of yourself. You’ll learn to cope with feeling this horny, as you’ll see in the next few days, and sleep, that will come too, it just takes time to adjust. I’m hoping that today or tomorrow you’ll start to really feel the ‘denial high’ that comes from this too, which helps, a bit, to endure it all. We shall see.

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