Oh how lovely to hear from a domme! I wish I got to all the incoming asks, it’s a bit crazy now the blog is getting so popular.

So what a teasing message, what’s the secret? (You can just whisper it to me on chat if you need to…) we want more details!

I think one of the reasons I can write this blog is I love denial too, it is a bit different for guys but I use it as a dom to get me horny and energised and often leave it up to my wife if I get to cum or not. I decide everything else but she gets that one power, it’s a lot of fun.

One great game you might try is interrogation. It works particularly well with a physical chastity device – your sub has the code to the lock, and you have to use all your wiles as a dom to get it out of her. So much fun!

Also remember bondage can work wonderfully on you as a domme. I find it even more powerful to be rendered unable to act by being tied up (our bed has 4-point hidden restraints fitted), and it leaves me with only my mental abilities to top her. I’m still, almost, in control… just it pushes me to be creative and focus more on the mental and emotional aspects.

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