Ohhhhh, dilemma! 

You know my general advice would be to try and have an orgasm. They’re great, we love orgasms, we just think that not having them is often better for reasons stated often on the blog.

And it’s definitely not something to be scared of, it just feels really, really good.

But, there is no going back. You are currently, officially, a BNIB – brand new in box. A denial slut who has never cum. In fact I helped a friend set up a blog just about that which you should definitely edge to before you make any decisions.


Frankly all of you should follow that too, I’ve written some of the early posts but the anorgasmic woman who authors most of them is a great caption writer and it’s all beautifully twisted the way most of you like it.

I think the helpful thing about this concept, as fucked up and twisted as it is, is that for those women who are truly anorgasmic – they can’t cum, it suddenly puts a completely new light on it, perhaps the first positive light they’ve ever been able to have.

So yes, T, you’re currently a BNIB, that’s something special, something other denial sluts long to be, but can’t. So should you cum, probably, but you’re giving something up to gain those few moments of pleasure – only you can decide if it’s really worth it. Feel free to message me if you want persuading, either way.


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