What a very practical question, good stuff.

Ideas for edging in the shower, let me think:

  • First, and this is something I get most people to do, try peeing in the shower if you don’t (lots don’t). But make it even more primal. Get the water hot, then turn it off. Step in, and stay standing, and just piss down your legs. Why? Because it’s crazy, it’s totally uninhibited, you’re just doing it because you’re kinky and therefore it can become hot for those reasons. Then obviously, wash nicely. But I encourage it as a regular activity just for helping you let go of your 
  • Go soap crazy, pretend the shower gel (coconut or conditioner is best) is cum and squirt it all over you and leave it to dry as you edge covered in it.
  • Anal exploration – where better to explore something a little bit dirty like anal than the shower where you can not worry about that part of it. So get edging, then soap or lube up a finger and start first rubbing the outside (try mirroring what you do, front and back) and then eventually pushing a finger into your bottom as you get close
  • Temperature play – try, carefully, turning the temperature up and down as you play the water over your body and especially your pussy. Also try boobs on the cold tiles while hot water floods your pussy, interesting contrast
  • Try kneeling, or just sitting, and letting the water just flow over you. I used to take a chair into the shower and just sit and think as the hot water rained down
  • Three words: suction cup dildo
    Because this:

I hope you have a lovely day too. Let us know what you liked!

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