Hi Scarlet, good to hear from you again. Okay, so from 2 days to a week is a reasonable jump but with some encouragement I’m sure you can make it! 

A few bits of advice, firstly you should both set up a shared private secondary tumblr blog. You can both post stuff that’s hot (and romantic too if you want) to it and that’s a great way to feel connected. On top of that you should try writing a few journal entries about how it’s making you feel, both as a way of communicating but also for you to go back as a record in the future, it’s always fascinating.

He can then use it (or just message you) with at least a daily task to add to your denial. I call them ‘twists’ to make things a bit more interesting. They can be things like:

  • going pantiless
  • extra edges
  • getting you to edge somewhere besides your bedroom/bathroom
  • telling you to take a sexy picture with instructions
  • getting you to confess a fantasy as you edge
  • something masochistic if you’re into that
  • allowing you a ruin
  • picking porn for you to edge to
  • etc

The point being, it goes both ways, both of you reblog hot posts, while you journal, and he gives some extra things for you to do.

The week will fly by!

Oh and tell us how it goes!!!!

Have fun,


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