But its worse than that. I never figured myself the denial type but while not being able to get off would be a problem in itself, the fact I keep trying to cum and feeling hornier when I am unable to make it, and knowing by now that its basically impossible for me and yet I keep trying just to make the feeling even more intense is just messing with my head (and my panties). Ive tried grinding, the shower head, tooth brush, but nothing can mimic my fingers and somehow… I love it <3 -SD-

Holy shit, I wrote a caption for this exact scenario! It’s really fucked up and hot, shame you can’t jill off to it, muahahaha


To find that I went back through my archive – wow I’ve written a lot! If you’re new to this blog make sure you explore the archive (and make use of the tags too) – there’s a lot of good shit in there!

Anyway, I love your dilemma, if you ask really nicely they’ll give you some extra cast to really force your on ‘no touch’

Thanks SD! (love your cards btw) Get better soon, but no cumming, you love it, remember! You’re officially a denial slut now.

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