hi james! first off, i love your blog and have been following it for a while. I haven’t really been able to edge for more than a couple of days before cumming again but I’ve gotten sick recently and it has made my asthma worse and now i have to stop edging everytime i get close because i can’t breathe properly. I love and hate the torture at the same time. I just thought i’d share with you – love, alex

Hey Alex, so here’s something I find with edging, if you don’t over do it and keep calm with it, personally if I’m feeling poorly it MASSIVELY suppresses the symptoms, I don’t cough, I feel better, much better. But if I cum, I crash, hard. So while I don’t suggest you get so close it messes with your breathing, it might be worth exploring that middle ground and seeing if it helps allieviate your symptoms.

Anyone else got experience with this?

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