I just wrote some instructions for a soft edge a few posts ago, so scroll down. But a soft edge is when you masturbate but gently, so you never get to the point where you can cum. 

While it’s not as pleasurable in the moment, many find it actually builds up your horniness pretty fast over time anyway.

They are very useful for those who don’t have the control to stop right at the edge of orgasm.

For some, humping will only ever give you a soft edge (unless you have a really good technique).

A hard edge is where you get right up to the edge of cumming and go as far as you possibly can, until you’re really losing it. It’s much more risky as until you learn to control it you’ll tend to either give in, or go over by accident (and hopefully ruin it), but they really are a hot mind fuck and what most aim for when they are edging.

The best ‘hard edges’ are where you learn to get just to the point of climax and ‘ride the edge’ where you either can keep yourself on it, or ‘bounce’ up and down to it in terms of pleasure. Often takes practise, and definitely self control to do that though. 

Maybe followers can share their tips and experiences of the two…

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