Fabulous questions, thank you!

Size doesn’t matter! Short term is totally okay! It’s just once you get into it you realise that maybe not cumming… is better. It’s hard to believe until you get there.

The only thing I’d say is that for many there’s a shift in the experience at about three days denial which is worth experiencing. A lot of the frustration can go and turn into more of an ongoing state of energising arousal. But individual experiences vary.

The sluts thing. There’s been a whole movement with the slutwalks etc to reclaim the positivity of choice associated with the term (as well as the hugely important challenge to rape culture) so when I was looking for a term to describe someone into denial it seemed the obvious choice. 

There’s a kind of freedom at embracing the term to say ‘it’s okay for me to be sexual, to enjoy sex and my body, and to give a big fuck you to anyone who says different’

In this context it’s not about having sex with lots of other people. It’s about having lots of sex, with yourself. So yes, denial slut, that’s why.

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