Hi Bonnie,

Interesting one. Of course I’m super tempted to just say that’s perfect and keep on ruining them, but I’m feeling charitable. But here’s the deal, if this works you have to ruin ten orgasms for each full one you have 😛

The answer to your problem may be a vibe, which may sound a bit counter-intuitive as they obviously stimulate you a lot. But it’s quite different from masturbating with your fingers in that the vibrations go through you and you can cum from just holding it in one place in many cases. That might fix your problem of your skin becoming super sensitive as you’re not actually having to rub and move around.

A halfway house if you can’t get a vibe is an electric toothbrush (the back of it, not the bristles) but you’d be better off with a neat little bullet vibe. We have some recommendations here and the latest codes to get money off if you’re buying from our favourite store, Lovehoney, here.

Another option is just push on through. Imagine you HAVE to cum and are not allowed to take your hand away, imagine me, or your sex god of preference 😉 standing over you instructing you ‘Keep that fucking hand on ‘till you cum, Bonnie, don’t you dare take it off, now cum for me, hard you little slut!’

Or be really brave and message me, maybe I’ll help, or maybe I’ll convince you to just ruin it for me instead. It’s even hotter when you know you COULD cum, but choose to only ever ruin it. I’m dangerously persuasive.


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