Hello again!
For holding an edge it’s often useful to first learn how to hold a certain level of arousal, so don’t try to be at the very brink of orgasm, try to be a little bit under the edge and then hold that. If you feel safe there get a tiny bit closer, really slowly. Learn to control it, just by trying it. Basically when I’m holding an edge I slow down until I feel that it is too little to keep me at the edge, then I slowly get faster again and then I balance my movements between being too slow and too fast. You have the advantage of actually feeling what happens with your arousal, use it and listen and feel! Don’t forget to breath, holding your breath makes holding an edge so much harder. Also try not to tense up. When I’m holding an edge I don’t move at all, breath very slowly and barely rub my clit. It looks like I’m sleeping with my eyes open 🙂 good luck with that!
Okay, more cruel ideas for no touch without getting bored of it:
1. Have one morning edge and one evening edge. No touch apart from that.
2. Play with your breasts, but don’t touch your nipples (my favourite is drawing circles around your nipples, nearly touching them. It makes you desperate to touch them and when you finally do it feels much better than when you just start with touching them)
3. Play with pain, you are only allowed to touch when you pay for it at the same time (so for example one clothes peg on each nipple and on each labia two, then you can rub your clit. With clothes pegs remove them once every 15 minutes for 1 minute to maintain the circulation. Putting them back on after you removed them hurts like a bitch, I warn you now)
4. Try applying arousal gel (toothpaste works too but hurts a bit, avoid toothpaste with whitening effect, also water makes it burn a bit more, so be prepared for that if you want to wash it off) and no touch at the same time
5. Crotch ropes! They are amazing, I have a tutorial on my blog (just search ‘tutorials’). As an alternative, pulling your panties into your slit keeps you aroused and focused on your clit too. A thong worn backwards is also very interesting.
6. Sleeping stuffed. Either stuff your panties in your pussy (keep a tiny bit outside to be able to pull it out) or put a dildo/plug inside and keep it in place with tight panties or a crotch rope.
Have fun with those!
If anyone has another idea send them to me and I’ll add it!

Diva’s going to put me out of a job!

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