Okay, this is great but also, let me just mix in some common sense here (I know, being responsible, boooooo, that’s not what we come here for!). 

While I think this is hot, and you think it is hot, she might not. So while I personally think letting yourself possibly get caught is on the right side of the questionable activities line, please just do it with some caution. 

You know what she is like. If catching you masturbating will traumatise the poor girl forever, please rethink. If however, she’ll think it’s hysterical, then fuck yes, go for it!

if you don’t know, then, maybe go for a middle ground and just let her catch you watching porn and see how she gets on with that.

Part of being a good kinkster is keeping it Safe, Sane and Consensual and you’re pushing the boundaries of that last one when we include getting possibly caught by people. So use your common sense, play to the safe side if you’re not sure, and then if that goes down well, you can try a little more next time.

I’ve just been chatting with someone who purposefully left her laptop open on some of the less intense captions, her curious and open friend saw, asked her about it, and now they are both considering being denial buddies! 

So yes, nothing ventured nothing gained, but think about them and their reaction first and foremost and you won’t go too far wrong

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