Thank you for the lovely ask. The answer is pretty simple. Don’t go so close to the edge. I know, too obvious, right? But I mean it very specifically. You are going to edge and deliberately not take yourself far enough to be able to go over.

The real benefits of denial kick in after a day or two of it for most women. Once you realise how good it feels NOT to cum your brain gets a bit less insistent you go over when you’re at the edge.

So for the first day or two, just do ‘soft edges’ not getting as close as you can, but just gently masturbating until you’re wet and horny and want more, and then stop. It’s easier to stop right then compared to when you’ve gone right up to the edge, and you’ll find as you do it more and more you’ll discover the will power to take yourself closer and still stop in time.

Start with low goals, if you’ve never managed even a masturbation session without cumming then aim for that. Playing, then stopping and not touching for an hour. If you’ve done that a few times then make your goal going for a day, and then a day and a night. Soon you’ll find you love not cumming as much as cumming, and it gets, a bit easier. 

But it’s meant to be hard, remember that. This is not the kink of lazy girls with no self discipline. You want this because it IS hard, because you want to push yourself, because you love being energised and feeling sexy and aroused all day.

Choose hard, choose wet, choose denial.

Good girl

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