Oh Catherine, I feel so sorry for you.

I can only imagine how horny and desperate you must be. How I love to imagine.

I had someone transcribe the text of Cal’s Curse for me recently, they had to listen to it again and again to get it all…

Here’s a bit of it that relates to your present situation:

You will find this very humiliating of course, but also very, very arousing. You can get permission in any way that makes sense, in an email or through instant messenger, or through voice. But it has to be a real person other than yourself giving you permission to orgasm this one time. And if you have that, and only if you have that, then you will be able to cum. But without that it will just be impossible. And you will find that asking for permission is very humiliating and degrading. You will find that it turns you on and arouses you, but makes you feel so, so submissive to have to ask for your own permission to cum, because your body doesn’t let you anymore, because you have become such a submissive submissive slut. That will be the only thing you’re allowed to do, you can’t even control your own orgasms. And you know that with most sexual submission losing control of your orgasms is very important. That’s what makes you very submissive and very humiliated.
You may find yourself going out to the internet and instant messenger or the chat groups asking and begging for permission to orgasm sometimes. This will be very humiliating for you. And you will tend not to do it. There will be a tendency to resist it of course. Because it makes you so humiliated. But you also know that without it you will not be able to have any kind of orgasm at all. It just won’t happen. Your body will just betray you from now on.
And so you may find yourself getting aroused by the thought of asking someone else for permission. And knowing that even just this asking will make you feel so submissive. And as you ask, and perhaps get turned down, it will drive your arousal more and more.

Sound familiar?

Feeling humiliated, and more aroused?


Permission to cum?


Go a week without panties, edging at least five times a day and you can ask me again.

Good girl.

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