1. In bed, are you so noisy you can’t masturbate under a sheet? No. So no excuses, I want a morning and night time edge right in that bed.

2. In the bathroom – edge in the shower, rub your pussy on the edge of the bath, watch yourself in the mirror – make the most of the privacy, look into your own eyes as you edge and get off on the frustration you see

3. Around the house – practise some thigh masturbation as you’re sitting around, relaxing https://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/search/thigh+masturbation 

4. Out and about – if you’re somewhere warm and beautiful, find a safe spot and edge out there in the big wide world if you can. Many people are very aroused by edging outside or in different places. If you’re somewhere urban, do it in some restaurant toilet or a shop changing room.

Manage four a day, every day, with at least two in different places, and you can cum as much as you want on your last day of vacation.

Have fun!

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