That is brilliant, well done. Ten weeks is amazing. The mean average from the recent survey (660 people answered this one) was 20 days, but most people had done about five days (median average) so yeah, 70 days knocks it out of the park! Good girl.

If you’re struggling then it’s time to end it soon, but, not yet.

You can cum at 84 days – 12 weeks. You’re to increase the number of edges a day from now on, and for the last two days before you cum, you’re on no touch. If you accidentally ruin yourself before your orgasm the two week timer resets.

On the day of your orgasm, you’re to do ten edges (if possible) during the day before you’re allowed to orgasm that evening. You can orgasm as much as you want for three days after that (remember your first ones may actually not be mind-blowing as your body is used to not cumming).

Let us know how it goes.

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