Well we can get into the technical definition of ‘no touch’. I personally have two:

No Touch – you are not allowed to masturbate or play with your clit or pussy BUT you are allowed to play with your breasts, and asshole as much as you want, AND you are allowed to grind on objects but not enough to edge.

STRICT No Touch – Zip, nothing, nada. Nothing to stimulate you beyond the power of your mind, perhaps a tight pair of jeans and if he tells you, a crotch rope or plugging.

So, find out which of those it is (for long term I highly recommend the first, the latter I generally save for short term punishments). And as long as it isn’t strict no touch, then watching porn, playing with your breasts and ass, reading tumblr, and some grinding will keep you horny, trust me.

Most of all, communicate with him, if it’s not working convey that. He isn’t psychic, I would hope he wants to keep you horny and desperate, that’s the goal for Christmas. So give him feedback on how it’s working – it’s not ‘topping from the bottom’ it’s communication!

Good girl.

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