Okay, let’s get some denial definitions out there:

  • Denial Slut – someone who loves the practise of edging and orgasm denial (gender neutral)
  • Denial sub – don’t use this much but I’d apply it to someone for whom orgasm denial is the foundation of their wider submission to another
  • Denial Bitch – someone who gets off on others being denied and cums to denial captions and porn (usually a denial slut in waiting… trust me, it’s a slippery slope)
  • Denial Dom/Domme – someone who actively denies someone else and is in control of their orgasms – they don’t have to be dom over other areas, but often are
  • Denial buddies – two or more ‘friends with benefits’ who deny and tease each other
  • Keyholder – holds the keys to a chastity belt or cock cage – usually denial dom/me by default

Definitions will surely vary, and it might be you slip between several categories when you feel like it. But that’s probably a good starting point.

Let me know what I missed and your thoughts in the notes


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