So okay, firstly nice to have a message from my male followers! You make up a whole 11% of my followers which was surprisingly low I thought.

Secondly, TEN HOURS?! A. Wow B. Don’t you eat, or pee? C. You need to spend less time edging and read a book or go for a run or something. This is supposed to be fun, not an Olympic Sport – although, damn, we would nail that. I wonder if I can get funding… does Tumblr count as a country?

So 8 days, that’s good stuff! Guys work quite differently, no touching for us tends to work better as we’re just natural horn dogs even without edging driving us nuts. If you want to go hardcore try a cock cage – the single advantage male denial has over female, our toys are more easily locked up.

It’s not something I talk about much on here, but I’m into denial too. I suspect that’s why I can write about it with such empathy. In terms of how long I’ve gone – actively in denial with edging etc, a month. Longest without cumming –  I’ve gone ten months just to see how it was. It was interesting, but a bit dull.

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