But seriously, if you’re worried or the pain gets serious, please get a medical professional’s advice. 

Okay, let’s play the elimination game. 

It’s not your period, right? 

And a UTI would cause possible kidney ache on both sides (but tend to be at the back.) So check for other symptoms of that.

Assuming no, then first try a day’s no touch, see if that eases it. Failing that, a ruined orgasm, that may hormonally ‘clear the pipes. And then if that doesn’t work, go for it, have an orgasm. A lot of this is about learning how your body reacts.

There is apparently the whole ‘blue bean’ phenomenon which is the equivalent of a guy getting blue balls but personally I’ve never encountered it as a dull ache as you describe in anyone I’ve denied.

As the instructions on any pack of painkillers reminds us all, if symtoms don’t clear up within three days get medical advice.

Nine days is pretty impressive btw, good girl!

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