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Anyways, theres a recurring theme here I find interesting: The concept that one can’t cum from anal only.

My most mindblowingly huge orgasms have been while being fucked in the ass. When my partner and I do denial, he fucks my ass if he really wants to torture me. I feel like I’m going to explode from how  overwhelming the stimulation is and not being able to cum.

  I can cum five (approaching 6) ways: vaginal, clitorially, anally, mentally, verbally, and soon hopefully orally as well. I’m a firm believer that orgasming is a learned skill barring medical problems. It took me three months to figure out how to cum while masturbating, two months to be able to cum vaginally, we worked on cumming verbally for over a year, but anal I could cum instantly.

Guess I’m just the odd one out?

You make a very good point, brandispanki, women absolutely can cum from anal and as you add, other interesting ways too. I think the difference is with guys, as with our usual orgasms, anal causes us to cum because our prostate is getting hammered which leads to ejaculation. Stimulate us enough and pop goes the weasel. 

For women it’s very often a far more emotional and mental thing, however you’re cumming. So, cumming verbally I assume is on command (fun trick) – you’re missing nipplegasms though, they are markedly different from the rest,  you should add that to your to do list!

The best summary I know of how to cum, especially for those who have difficultly with it, is summed up in two simple rules.

Actually, I won’t share them, it’s better if you don’t know so you’re not tempted, isn’t it my little denial sluts and BNIBs.

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