Hi Meirakitty,

Thanks so much, it’s great to have that feedback. Of course it’s okay to show him, try going through and picking out a few favourites rather than overwhelm him. The answer I wrote yesterday about how to begin should be a helpful starting point for him, but you can explain you’ve already been down that part of the journey and he can either revisit it with you (which is fun anyway) or skip to the advanced part if he likes the sound of that!

A concern is often that they love to make you cum, so a good tip is to suggest if that’s the case he tries ruining your orgasms and see if he likes the frustrated result it gives him, I suspect he’ll love it. Also point out that he will never have seen you hornier or wanting him more than when he keeps you denied, and that instead of focusing on the negative, that you’re losing orgasm, that it replaces it with a constant, ongoing high of horniness and hopefully he’ll be able to see it in a more positive light.

Good luck!

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