Thanks so much! I’m guessing you meant ‘what toy’ (fucking autocorrect, amirite?).

You’re talking about this:

It’s the We-Vibe – We-Vibe 4 to be exact. And yes, it’s very cool, it slides inside you so one part sits on your mound and vibes your clit while the other does your g-spot. Even funkier is the fact it has an app that you, or someone else anywhere in the world can use to control it!

Awesome right? So I thought and nearly bought one last year until I read the Google Play store reviews of the app, which basically say it sucks – keeps disconnecting and has all kinds of problems.

You can get it with just a little remote but then you don’t get all the funky technoporn bonus value. So personally I’m sitting it out until their app developers get their shit together.

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